Thursday, April 8, 2010

CWH Sidesteps CANADIAN GOVERNMENT, Orders into Production…3,000 Avro Arrows!

The Prime Minister's Office was pezzed.

LAST YEAR the PMO was going to shut down the CWH museum…until someone pointed out to Harper, that the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum IS… a flying museum. The CWH have almost as many operational, fighters, bombers, interceptors, AND secret projects…as the present Canadian Armed Forces!

They are a force to be reckoned with.

That's when Harper changed his mind.

And the Prime Minister's Office could not be reached for comment, as I penned this piece.

SO ARROW PRODUCTION HAS BEEN secretly taking place in China since last year! The first Avro Arrows have already been arriving, in Hamilton…three weeks ago—

I got one!

Ok, ok, maybe they aren't operational Arrows.

Ok, ok…but they are a FINE DIECAST REPLICAS of Arrow 203!

The detail on these 1/72 scale RL 203 Arrows is beyond belief (see picture). The Arrow can stand on its own, or be placed on an included stand to race through the skies, unchallenged!

The weighty model is almost 14" long!

And the awesome detail…did I mention the awesome detail, of these Arrow models?

There's Aeroclassics, Gemini, Herpa, Franklin Mint Precision Models, etc, etc,

Well, now the CANADIAN WARPLANE HERITAGE MUSEUM has their own line of die-cast models.

The CWH won't tell anybody whose creating these fine models for them. For their introductory airplane, CWH has crafted the Avro Arrow RL 203 of the RCAF. And that Arrow has been selling like hotcakes. The production run of 3,000 is almost SOLD-OUT!

Why every Canadian doesn't own one of these (at $89.99) …I'll never know!


Well, because every Canadian can't own one…the run is limited to 3,000!!

AVIATION WORLD, in Canada, has some.

The CANADIAN WARPLANE HERITAGE , itself, has less than 100 left!

In the USA (Stuff You Can Buy ----> Historic Aviation --> Search--> CF-105)

You been warned.

Don't come cryin' to me when you've missed out on your LAST CHANCE to own one! I told ya'. I told ya'!


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