Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Way We Were ::: 1942 ::: CANADA

"The Hurricane Mk 4 of Vintage Wings of Canada is painted in the markings of RAF 6 Squadron, “The Flying Tin Openers”, which operated the Hurry in the “tank- busting” and ground attack role.

Many Canadian pilots flew the cannon-equipped tank-buster variant with 6 Sqn. on operations in North Africa."

Vintage Wings of Canada

CANADIAN PILOTS practiced by flying these "Hurris" only 10 or so feet above the ground. The actual Hurricane used was a Mk IID which was never used as a fighter-plane. They were used for low-level bombing raids against tanks, supply trucks, and large artillery guns (88 mm anti-tank gun).

These HURRICANES were feared by the German Africa Korps because their twin 40 mm cannons could penetrate the very thick armour plating found on their medium to heavy desert tanks.

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