Thursday, January 8, 2009

:: University of Connecticut WINS!

Players from the University of Connecticut pictured HOISTING THE CUP…at the NCAA 2009 International Bowl in Toronto.

If you missed this NCAA event on January 3rd in mighty Toronto…well…you can go again next year. It was a great time…Americans get right into their football and you'll see many generations of college fans declaring their loyalties at the game.

If you're depressed or going through an existential crisis…this isn't the event for you! It's football and it's fun!!

Wait for the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival held annually in the town of Elmira, Ontario during the first week of March.

I repeat, the International Bowl was a great time. It was loud. The fans didn't quietly clap, like at a Jay's game…people actually ENJOYED themselves here!

And I noticed quite a few young Americans also exercising their rights by enjoying their ability to drink legally in Ontario, at a much earlier age, than back home.

The legal drinking age in the province of Ontario is 19.

In the province, next door to Ontario, Quebec…the legal drinking age of 19, remember…is only a suggestion!

NCAA International Bowl Final: Buffalo Bulls 20 - Connecticut Huskies 38

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