Friday, February 16, 2007

HOPE For Tomorrow…

A FRIEND OF A FRIEND got stuck at sea, his boat adrift, powerless. As ominous clouds filled the sky indicating a weather change…and not one for the better, he radioed his last known position.

Was this the end?

Hours passed…and with it, so did his hope.

For the longest time, only the sound of the slap of the waves hitting the side of his vessel.

No comfort in that~

Then…what was that…he THOUGHT he heard something?


Then THIS is what he saw.

“I don’t really remember the helicopter at all…all I really saw was "CANADA" and "RESCUE".”

MY COUNTRY had come to save me.

MY COUNTRY…had actually come…to save me.

For a long time he was transfixed by the thought.

NOT REALLY an emotional type…but to this day, he still gets choked up in the recollection~

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