Friday, January 12, 2007

What REALLY Happened To Gerry Matatics?

Gerry, along with his wife, converted to Roman Catholicism about 20 years ago AFTER previously making a solemn pact with fellow Presbyterian Scott Hahn to convert "all Catholics OUT of the Church".

Simple enough.

After studying CATHOLIC THEOLOGY to better "grasp the beast" the dynamic duo eventually converted BECOMING ROMAN CATHOLICS not long after they realized they had been on the wrong side all along!

Fast forward to today.

Scott Hahn, along with Kimberley, his wife (also a theologian), have great ministries within the Church and expanding influence as Catholic scholars and evangelists.

And Gerry?

Don't ask.

After moving about a thousand times, his ministry has struggled through the arduous 3 ever-increasingly Catholic conversions of his! And, all along the way, as Gerry has taken ever increasingly more rigid "stands", his followers have had to abandon his wit (he is knowlegable and funny…and make no mistake…he is no theological lightweight either, so ignore his slight stature!), his charm, and his exegesis, all because of his newly evolved "intellectual honesty".

Gerry CAN'T FIGURE OUT what's happening.

Everything and everybody, is wrong WITHIN the Roman Catholic Church! Even the Pope!! The POPE? The See of Peter: vacant! (We love our German Shepard, by the way!). Fantastical, BUT TRUE!! Gerry dearly wants to be saved, and NO ONE is going to trick him and take that salvation away from him! Not that "tricky" Pope…and not God!!

Gerry's problems may have originated with his Hal Lindsey style "fuzzy" thinking. Always trying to set a time frame for that elusive "end of time" event and the apocalyptic "crisis" leading up to that event (although Jesus warned against that type of unecessary anxiousness and fixation) Gerry has sifted and sifted only to yield nothing! (Just live right today, you…yourself, should be one's priority and one needn't worry about all other developments.) So are we in that final generation?

Gerry sees signs. For a long time now.

As Gerry burns one bridge to the past after another, he finds himself in the company of other fringe Catholics even more SCRUPULOUS and weird than himself! He will though, point out the distinctions between himself and those less "enlightened" others–

Not fit to lead, and not fit to follow…Gerry stands alone. And he won't leave the Church because he knows that's what all the schismatics and heretics have done historically…and he knows he joins their rants if he does.

Scott, his forgotten buddy from so long ago, prays for him I'm sure…but likely won't "touch him with a 10-foot pole". Forgetting the parable of the "Wheat and Chaff", Gerry wants a perfect assembly of the Church right here and now, today, although Jesus said the sorting for the Kingdom must come later.

Oh dear.

Gerry, you sir, are beyond arrogant. Sorry, but it just had to be said~ INVINCIBLE IGNORANCE? Perhaps. You don't trust God, friend. And you REALLY NEED to take a hard look at "how you look and how you sound" to others, and especially to that "household of faith."

Yelling at Karl Keating. Good grief!

GOD will clear up differing theological interpretations for all of us, at the appointed time. IT IS for another generation to advance even farther in our understanding of God, the Scriptures and the Church. No doubt there is a lot wrong with the Church presently, but each man must be responsible for his own salvation, and you were never meant to micromanage the lives of others through "detailitis". So let go, and please let God…

Many parishoners have been evangelized by the world and their need to be brought "home" again goes unserved because some, like yourself, appointed and specially gifted to address this "malaise" spiritually (and creatively) have "coughed the puck" and for the most part have "left the building".

I hope it was worth it.

And your conclusions about the Church, the Pope and the Liturgy are way off, and the present state of the Church is no where near as catastrophic as you are proclaiming. He who isn't building friend, is dividing, because really…there is no neutrality…nothing…in the middle.

If you were in the right place before God, you could have achieved the desired result, in silence…and won everybody back, a long, long time ago.

Gerry right now is so "drunk" with his own arrogance, that he hasn't even, or won't even, entertain the "far-fetched" idea that maybe he has gotten himself seriously, and we do mean seriously folks, off course! And he has lead others to fall down that same well!! Even his own wife and kids!!!

Once more: Gerry right now is so "drunk" with his own arrogance, that he hasn't even, or won't even, entertain the "far-fetched" idea that maybe he has gotten himself seriously, and we do mean seriously folks, off course! And he has lead others fall down that same well!! Even his own wife and kids!!!

When John Calvin preached his "malicious" version of God and salvation to a small French town, the listeners were spellbound and horrified! On the verge of despair, the townspeople wondered why God would even want to save them!?

One Frenchman who wasn't overwhelmed by Calvin's preaching told the larger-than-life John Calvin that he had something to show him. So John followed the man. A short distance later, the man stopped, and motioned to a ladder leaning against a wall.

“There you go, now take that ladder and climb to heaven alone!” the man said.

Then the man turned and walked away.

(Gerry…do we need to get you…a ladder?)

Catholics…everybody…pray for Gerry! We really do need a miracle here!! WE NEED Gerry to return to the frontlines of Catholic evangelization, and NOT STAY on the sidelines chasing incomplete visions, searching, scanning frantically for what is only partially true.

We know enraged Gerry won't return because he has always been somewhat of a "lone wolf", living that "lone" dynamic, and he won't recognize the authority of the Church, and that is why he has always remained aloof from it, co-operating with it only when it has been to his advantage.

There are legitimate ways to raise one's concerns with Rome, friend.

And Gerry, there are others within the Church as dedicated to the flock as you are–

Like all "rebels" Gerry is looking for attention, and while he "appears" to want complete autonomy…what he really wants is to be put in his place.

But like all fastidioius "nerds" he really can't help himself! And review, discipline or rebuke by the Church is what he really needs…THAT IS…the most loving thing she can do.

‘nuff said≈


jxiii said...

This is a fair assessment in summary form of what happened to a once, great man. Unfortunately, Gerry's astronomical IQ and laser wit overshadow some additional amazing gifts. I've not met many other human beings who have the heart and passion for truth and justice as he once did. Now, confusion and turmoil hold these hostage. We love you, Gerry. Please return to us.

Anonymous said...

You do not know what you are talking about. You stand on your soap box regurgating what you hear. It is obvious you do not know enough even to save your own soul. The Catholic Church of pope benedict is so far from the Roman Catholic Church of Jesus Christ. The rite of ordination for priests have been changed. The sacraments matter and form were sadly altered. Beautiful prayer omitted. Even the latin, such a beautiful language gone. The Moto Proprio mass is even altered, however those who never heard the old mass think this is the real mass, not so. WE could have gone to mass in any country and it would have been understood by all nationality. Is this Mr. Matatics error. That he discovered that our faith was so altered at Vatican II counsel that it isn't his faith. All Catholics should be curious as to what he is saying. Find out. I am sure Mr. Matatics could care less if you think he is wrong or right. The issue is the Roman Catholic faith. He is trying to shine a light on the devil in our church to save as many souls that will listen. Don't jump on the band wagon, investigate. Read. Read. Tumultous Times. The Great Facade. A pre-vatican II catecism book. Out side the true Catholic church there is NO SALVATION. Purchase one of Mr. Matatics CD's Counter Catholicism. He is right on the money. Remember Sister Lucy a Fatima seer said "chastisment is emminent" there will be a diabolical disorientation, could not this be it? Find out what Fatima and La Sallete is all about. Have a truly open mind, please to save your soul.

Life is short and death is sure.
The hour of death remains obscure.
A soul you have, an only one,
If that be lost all hope is gone.
Waste not time, while time shall last;
For after death 'tis ever past.
All-seeing God, your Judge will be,
And Heaven or Hell your destiny.
All earthly things will speed away,
Eternity, alone, will stay.

Anonymous said...

I think someone needs a lesson in charity. Praying for Mr. Matatics would be better for him-and your own soul-than this hateful post. Whether you approve the post or not, consider praying in silence and making a few sacrifices for Mr. Matatics.

Anonymous said...

This is nothing but a lie. Maybe you're misinformed, but Gerry Matatics is a Catholic. Yes, a Catholic, which means that he does not believe in the sinfully heretical doctrines that Anti-Pope Benedict the sixteenth teaches.

I'll be praying for you :) .

Roscoe Kurdli said...

Please explain how he is a Catholic and not a protestant. He rejects the Holy Father, he rejects the magisterium of the Church, and he has set himself up as his own hierarchy deciding on his own what God wants. Furthermore, he claims that the papacy has been vacant for 45 years. This is a direct denial of hope in Divine Providence and implies that he believes God has abandoned the Church.

Anonymous said...

While one may disagree with Gerry's sedavanantism it doesn't follow that his ego is to blame. In scripture St. Paul said he would never eat meat again if it caused his brother to stumble. Would that our leaders today took such care when it comes to the question of scandal! Let's face it Pope Benedict is continuing John Paul II radical ecumenical efforts (can anyone really defend Assisi 1 and 2?), he still allows altar girls (something previous popes called an evil practice), he still refers to the Islam as a great religion, etc. So let's place the blame where it belongs - our leaders have failed us, have failed Gerry, have failed the world.

Anonymous said...

Gerry Matitics is 100% correct and a credit to the Faith. Gerry will be found among the wheat, and if Scott does not come out of that mess, as the bible says, and prefers to stay with those who favour a priest turning his back to Christ in the tabernacle and take the Body of Christ from the grubby hands of any grocery store lady etc, and favour all the cover ups including the real 3rd secret of Fatima, he will depart from Christ and be discarded as chaff with them.
"For you and for MANY" are Christs words not "for you and for all" hence no need to separate wheat from chaff for the novus ordos.
The real Mass is said on an altar. The infiltrators introduced the table of Luther for a "spiritual communion" hense their liturgy "It will become our spiritual drink" this is not Catholic- behold the counterfeit Church decribed by the real approved prophesis of the Church. By the way Benedict says Jesus may not be in the blessed Sacrament! the heresies increase daily. "Hold fast to what you have learned, either by word or by our epistle" They went with the world and against all the teachings of the Church, so they have left the Church just like Luther and the others. No one will take away the Ctaholic Church, sorry to disapoint you, but we are still here, thanks to the promise Our Lord made that the gates of Hell would not prevail against His Church.

Anonymous said...

Sad. Jerry's earlier teachings are what kept me a Catholic.

Anonymous said...

SPOKEN LIKE A TRUE MODERNIST. Instead of throwing insults at a dedicated father of 10, maybe spend some time reading what the church taught before 1950 and then try and reconcile it to what is taught today. Good luck with that...but of course you won't. I don't agree with all of gerry's conclusions but at least his trying (and has sacrificed much in the process) and hopefully god will find his errors to be in good faith versus those who are willfully ignorant. Scott Hahn and all the main stream theologians enjoy comfortable middle class lives and respect from their circles. The fringe is where people are sacrificing in poverty with no respect from the world. Peace out from Canada.