Saturday, September 1, 2012

::: FLIGHT 621 :: RESOLUTION IS… on the Horizon for 2013.

SLOWLY, slowly.…

Ever, so slowly,  the cogs of progress move forward… and what once seemed like an impossibility is fast becoming reality as the 621 Field moves toward resolution.

Yes, by this time NEXT YEAR, the Flight 621 Cemetery and Memorial Park will be in place, and the horror of the AFTERMATH of that terrible day, will finally, FINALLY, be undone.

AIR CANADA promised, and later refused to build an on-site memorial to the 109 victims of Flight 621.

No matter.

Like it or not, that very memorial IS being built, RIGHT NOW.

 As I tap away at this keyboard…

Without Air Canada's sympathy.  Or support.

Of, course.

So… it's over Air Canard, your four decades of impasse and moral apathy failed in the end.  The deadlock IS being overthrown~

Feelin' kinda' tiny… feelin' kinda small… in the grand ole scheme of things?

Too bad Air Canada wasn't a family owned biz, instead of being run by turnstile execs.  A family would know the right thing to do, even now.

(Flight 621 crash arena photographed in summer of 2012.)

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