Monday, July 5, 2010

::.:. FLIGHT 621: 40th ANNIVERSARY - 621 Families at Ground Zero ::....

FLIGHT 621 VICTIM'S FAMILIES lay 109 white roses representing the 109 people who lost their lives on July 5, 1970.

Diarmuid Horgan (CANDEVCON Limited) and the landowners put together this 40th Anniversary Ceremony to bring the victim families together for the first time, to mark this solemn occasion together…and not alone…this year!

I PLANTED the Mayor of Brampton, Susan Fennell's flower, at her request…and everyone followed suit by either planting or laying their white rose down.

The flowers mark the spot where Flight 621 went nose first into the ground.

It was very hard for many of the families to EVEN THINK about coming to Ground Zero.

However, after Eric Weiczorek gave his heart-wrenching speech about the tender love he had for his wife, a wife who was taken from him after only 33 days of marriage, that just brought the house down.

Eric had been waiting 40 years to share his sorrow with those who understood.

He was now in good company.

The Flight 621 families understood.

Left to Right: Chris and Mike Holiday (Claude Holiday), Sikh land-owner, Lucie and VĂ©ronique Raymond (Marital Raymond) and the FAMOUS Boris Spremo!

The Weinburgs (Wendy, Carla, and Rita) are in the background.

Persons in brackets are the Flight 621 deceased… and the reason why the 621 families marked the 40th anniversary loss right here… at the former crash site.

See Mike Strobel's excellent Flight 621 article:

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palisadesk said...

Thank you for sharing this. I have no direct connection to the flight, but flew into Malton the day before the accident on Air Canada from Montreal, possibly with some of the same crew. I've always had an it-could-have-been-me feeling.

Have followed your efforts to get the site properly recognized -- excellent job. Any chance we will be seeing your book soon?