Monday, May 3, 2010

Our MIGHTY, MIGHTY, LANC is going across WESTERN CANADA this summer!

FIRST, ONE HOP down to the States.

Our Mighty, Mighty, Lanc ALWAYS gets a HERO'S WELCOME in the United States of America.


Because there ain't nothing' like American neighbourliness. And the Lancaster is a poignant reminder to Americans that we Canadians are a littl' bit different. We even have different warplanes!

But we always had one common cause. FREEDOM!

And we really did defeat Hitler, and his Nazi's, together…when flailing Europe couldn't do it!

When Europe was on the ropes and out for the count…we bombed those Nazi's right off the map.

The AVRO LANCASTER was created for one purpose, and one purpose only…to bring Nazi Germany to her knees.

I can think of a few more places around the world, RIGHT NOW, that need a total war solution!

"And, …says the drug-addled Peacenik, what has war ever, really, solved, Never Was?"

OTHER THAN ENDING slavery, fascism, nazism, and communism…nothing!



'nuff, said.

After the USA tour, the former RCAF Lancaster flies on to Manitoba, Alberta, and BC.

Sorry, no Saskatchewan! Don't even think about it, suckers! Remember, a certain anti-Canadian, anti-Arrow, Prime Minister jughead, farmer grew up there. Diefendowner.

So it's personal now— And the Lancaster has a long memory.

When the Lancaster hits Manitoba, Alberta and BC…expect a hero's, long lost friend, type of welcome.

This, may very well be, the LAST TIME our Mighty, Mighty, Lanc makes such a cross-country flight. She ain't as spry as she once was, folks! Miss her…and you're indolent. Non-Canadian. And a whole lotta' things I can't say here…

But the warriors will be there! Damn straight!

Our heroic WW II CANADIAN VETS will be there.

One. Last. Time.

To hear that music, that song, that only those four, mighty, Merlins, will be singing in unison for OUR MOST VALIANT CANADIANS of all time.

And when the Mighty, Mighty, Lanc makes her low, friendly pass, over that truly Canadian crowd; there'll be tears in many an eye, and ramrod straight salutes aplenty.

Yeah, I'll tell it like it is…there won't be a dry eye in the house!

And salutes for an old friend, an old girl, also in the very twilight of her life, who just had to make an appearance.

For Western Canadians.

One. Last. Time.

And then, it be will all be said, and done—

I'm kinda' choked up myself, jus' thinking about it.

But…don't ever say…I never told ya'!

Get ready!! Be prepared! Camera or cam in hand!



June 4, 5, 6 …READING, Pennsylvania

July 26, 27, 28…THUNDER BAY, Ontario

July 29 - August 3… WINNIPEG, Manitoba

August 4 - 12… CALGARY, Alberta

August 12 - 16…ABBOTTSFORD, BC

August 17… EDMONTON, Alberta

August 18 - 19…BRANDON, Manitoba

…and then, back home for MANY Ontario visits.

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