Thursday, November 26, 2009

WE REMEMBER!: 66 Years Ago: The RCAF vs. The German Navy (Part 2)

THE NIGHT BEFORE remembered alongside the cartoon of the U-boat sinking.

ANOTHER RCAF airman named Bishop distinguishes himself.

U-489 is sunk, by RCAF SQN 423, again by a Short Sutherland III just south-east of ICELAND at co-ordinates 61.11N, 14.38W, but the cost is high, as five Canadians of Bishop's crew are killed.

FOR GREAT, IN-DEPTH coverage of this U-boat attack and others, SEE:

This little VISUAL was created by moi…

The little figurine is a rare RCAF airman from a dissimilar series!

©2009 - Don "Red" Macfie and James Stewart

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