Sunday, August 9, 2009

AVRO JETLINER ::: First Flight ::: 60 Years ago today


Thanks, again, for the Canadian designed and produced Jetliner.

The De Havilland Comet was the first jet-powered airliner by 13 days BUT it had design flaws. Several crashed. Even a CP Airlines one on a world tour.

Right out of the gates, the Jetliner was a success. And Canadian. The American 707 came five years later.

And the French Sud-Aviation Caravelle was a big success with specs very similar to the Avro Jetliner. Did someone say, copy?

The AVRO C-102 JETLINER'S first flight was 60 years ago today!

The USAF wanted to buy 20, the US Navy, National, TWA, and others wanted to buy some.

But then Government of Canada scuttled it, the marketing and even the possible production of the Avro Jetliner, under license, at a US aircraft manufacturing facility.

In true Canadian, self-defeating style, the Jetliner was scrapped on 13 December 1956 without a single unit sold.

Don't forget the tip, from Ken, of Ken's Aviation, to this well-written article about the Avro Jetliner:

(ABOVE: A.V. Roe Canada or Avro Canada magazine advertisement to garner interest in the Jetliner)

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