Sunday, April 12, 2009

Winter Returns…but will the RCAF?


44 great and glorious years!

Then in 1968 comes the Canadian Armed Forces…and out goes the Canadian Navy, and the Canadian Army too. Trudeaupean flower-power initiatives based on European military models and recklessly Canadian tradition is replaced with Trudeau's vision… which, by the way, proved to be garbage.

However, if my political party were in power you know there'd be sweeping changes.

For starters AND overnight, the return of the RCAF, the RCN and the Canadian Army.

These divisions of our national defense would become heavily fortified. Did someone say…shopping spree?

Peacekeeping is useless…policing works best.

We need 9 new aircraft carriers, 1,200 Arrow Mark 7s (including the Mark 8 which is carrier-based) and 30, 000 UAVs. I don't know a damn thing about nuclear submarines, but three for every province and 5 for every Territory would be a healthy start.

And our new Coast Guard ships would look more like small battleships than the current anemic tugboat design.

YYZ perimeter lands would be immediately seized by MY Canadian government and a newer, more expansive Avro Canada would be re-established on the former site. Where do you think our new Arrows, UAVs, aircraft carriers and subs are going to come from?

Did someone say Northwest Passage? International waters?

I say, Canada's Internal Waters.

Did someone say bankruptcy…and bye, bye, GM Canada? Chrysler of Canada? Ford of Canada?

I say hello, Bombardier, Avro and hello, McLaughlin Automotive.

Anyways, its all contained in my political brief, "Outlines". So politically explosive…so fearlessly Canadian…it's not available to the general public at this time.

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