Wednesday, May 28, 2008


… not always RCAF.

This former RCAF CF-104, now flying with the demo team known as the "Starfighters", was captured over the" dirty skies" of Toronto around CIAS time.

It's LOUD.


And everyone looks at it!

When it's in the air… you might as well fly nothin' else! You couldn't hear anything else anyway!!

MADE IN MONTREAL and 200 hundred others just like it, for the RCAF in the 60s. It was designed with and had NUCLEAR STRIKE capability! Had Canada needed to drop nuclear bombs anywhere… this is ONE of the aircraft we woulda' done it with!

CANADAIR OF MONTREAL made an additional 140 F-104Gs for Lockheed.

This was a DANGEROUS and UNFORGIVING interceptor to fly and 110 RCAF Starfighters were lost in accidents!

For a SUPER COOL photo of some RCAF CF-104s in flight SEE:

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