Friday, April 18, 2008


… one of the BEST MOVIES of all-time.

A Guy Named Joe.

Looking back, I doubt if many of the “mobley-heads” I built model planes and tanks during the “wonder-years” would appreciate this eternal movie. But that’s their poverty, not mine.

The story’s hero Pete ( Spencer Tracy) discovers he’s died (yup!) and struggles to come to terms with his former life, and also his new existence.

Joe is lost in the past and is not able to see the “big picture”.

The best moment in the movie is when Pete finally does see the “big picture”.

Pete learns that love is just as much about loss, and letting go, and soldiering on alone… when it’s the right thing to do.

The original purpose of the 1943 movie was to recognize the personal loss millions of Allied families were experiencing in WW II… and to embrace them in their sorrow.

NOT YET available on DVD because “those bastards” at Turner Entertainment can’t pull it together and continue to turn out other stuff that is so beneath this film.

Gentlemen, its NOT JUST about the profits, although that “devil” on your shoulder may think otherwise.

WATCH THIS MOVIE! Readily available on VHS.

APPROPRIATE for viewing on Valentine’s Day!

You and your loved one won’t be disappointed, behind your river of tears–

I will warn you! It’s an old-fashioned love story and a tearjerker (as my dad used to say)…

AND yes, there is a FEMALE P-38 pilot in this flick, Suz.

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