Sunday, January 13, 2008

Stowaway ≈

FEATURED ON the front cover of Popular Mechanics in the early 90s as the Bede BD-10.

The AFFORDABLE and PERSONAL jet was to be mass produced so everyone could afford one at $400, 000 USD.

Something went wrong.

Only 5 were made.

Three have since crashed.

Two left.

This one was/ is at the TORONTO AEROSPACE MUSEUM.

MONITOR JET of Canada bought the military rights, and this jet. It was TO BE equipped with the Pratt & Whitney Canada JT-15D engine. Note the JT-15D engine appears on an engine stand to the left of the aircraft.

PORTUGAL showed some interest in acquiring the military version of this jet.

It never went any further.

DAVID J. CARLAW of the Canadian Flying Machine Museum (Cambellford, Ontario) recently purchased this rare piece of Canadian and world aviation history.

SEE the BEDE 10 in flight:

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